Cook, Eat , Drink


The food and drink group meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7pm.

If you enjoy your food and drink, you'll love our foody Thursdays.  We have cookery demonstrations both from our talented members and external demonstrators covering the cuisines from across the world, there are opportunities to be hands on and of course to taste delicious food and drink.

We also have tasting sessions, strawberries and Prosecco; sausages and gin to name a few.

So if you'd like to learn new recipes, get  hints and tips from those in the know, or just try some fabulous food, come along and  you'll be sure of a warm welcome.

If you have any ideas, or would be happy to lead a session, please contact Pauline or Amanda

Cost is £2 per meeting plus a share of the  ingredient costs.

Check out the Calendar to see what's coming up this month