Stainland Sports Association


The SSA was created by a small number of local people in July 2015 whose aim is to develop a robust sports association to enable the further development of local sporting teams (initially Stainland Cricket Club, Stainland Stags, Stainland United and Stainland Bowling Club), club facilities and the Stainland Memorial Ground in a cost effective, sustainable, and inclusive way. 


Mission statement

The Stainland Sports Association aims to position Stainland Memorial Ground as a leading venue for sport, physical and community recreation by consistently providing high standard and accessible facilities, services, programmes that the community feels proud of. The association is committed to a fair and coordinated approach to sports provision and sport facility management while ensuring sustainability is always a priority

Our Vision 

A financially sustainable and community focused association, committed to providing sport, leisure, and wellbeing activities for everyone in a safe and inclusive environment

Groundsman initiative

We have been working hard with Calderdale MBC to ensure we can provide the most appropriate, accessible, and well-maintained area for local people to enjoy, take time out from everyday life and to enable them to have somewhere to play sport. This also includes how we can support Bowling Green School who without using our facilities would not have any green space for the children to enjoy. We have recently agreed new leases with the council which enables us to better manage our finances, therefore ensuring our financial sustainability. We want to be able to plan well into the future so that we can guarantee that everyone has a safe and welcoming environment to enjoy for years to come. 

Another aspect of this financial management is for us to take on the maintenance of the grounds to ensure we have the highest standard of surfaces for our players and visitors. In recent years we have experienced the impact of council cutbacks and this is affecting the quality and frequency of the support we receive. By taking this on ourselves we can guarantee the quality of the work and not have to rely on the support of volunteers who are already heavily stretched at all clubs.

The Sport Association have plans to improve the financial sustainability of the clubs to enable them to be self sufficient in future, but the intervening period is an economically challenging time for the clubs. 


Some of the benefits on kids playing sport

Active Kids learn better research proves that if kids are physically active they do better at school. Improving memory, behaviour, concentration and academic achievement. Improved physical and emotional health reduced risk of obesity. Increased cardiovascular fitness. Healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. 

Benefits to the community 

One of the hidden benefits to participating in sport and recreation is the way it helps connect people in communities. Sport binds and builds communities by developing social networks and friendships. Families become closer through shared experiences and achievements. 

Sport and recreation contributes to local economic growth through business investment and employment and helps sustain the environment through protecting open space and natural areas